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Donna's Dream House BlackpoolFor those who would no longer call themselves "children", there is another part of the Donna's Dream House complex specially for those aged 14 to 25 who are suffering from a serious illness. The rooms all have the "state-of-the-art" technology that teenagers enjoy. Some more photographs of the centre are on the "Our video" page, and we share here the comments of one lad's mother after a recent holiday in the centre. She also took the photograph of a rainbow over Donna's Dream House.

"We would like to thank Len, Babs, Alan and all the special volunteers who have made our stay at Donna's Dream House a most welcoming and relaxing one. My son managed to pack in as much of the entertainment as he could, which has given him the break needed before his long stretch ahead. The kindness of others has enabled me to take time out with my son, which I may not have been able to otherwise afford. Thanks for the chat, Len, it was just what I needed - to be understood. Yours and Barbara's courage is truly admired. Lots of love..."








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